What does your lip print say ?

It Says: You Help Others to Succeed

You are very caring. You recognize the skills and abilities of others and help them to recognize those skills and abilities in themselves. You would do well in supportive roles like working as a teacher, coach, manager or counselor, as well as in human resources or tech support


lipstick is applied then you gently  kiss a card.

The lines in the lips are called“joy lines” as these people tend to spread happiness wherever they go. YEAH !!!!


Lipstick Reading New York City

 Balanced; this person has got a balanced outlook for future events. He may be optimistic if conditions are good and pessimistic if things seem bad. That person could give you the most balanced opinion for a future project provided that he has all the necessary details.
  • The right side of the lips  presents the outer, public self, and that it represents the mother’s influence
  • The left side of the lips  presents the inner, private self, and that it represents the father’s influence
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